Barunga Festival

An iconic event, Barunga Festival has a long and proud tradition of celebrating the best of remote Indigenous Australia. This Territory festival attracts over 4000 Indigenous and non-Indigenous visitors from all over to the small remote community to take part in a program of music, sport, traditional arts and cultural activities over the 3-day long weekend each year in June.

In 1988, Barunga was the site of Aboriginal leaders coming together and presenting Prime Minister Bob Hawke with the Barunga Statement which called for a treaty. The treaty included claims such as:

  • self-determination and self-management
  • “control and enjoyment of our ancestral lands” compensation
  • full civil, economic, social and cultural rights

The 2018 Barunga Festival marked 30 years since this historic Barunga Statement. Bush Fit Mob along with the support of Anindilyakwa Land Council provided the opportunity for 10 women to travel to Barunga Festival to take part in the sports and cultural events. The women connected with Indigenous basketball teams from all across the NT and are already planning a return to the festival in 2019.