The Yoga class mantra is NGURRIMUNDUGAYINAMA which means being together as one. The yoga classes incorporate yoga with body psychotherapy, dance and art.

The Yoga & Wellbeing classes are meaningfully tailored to each group integrating language, culture and country. The goal is to provide youth with relaxation techniques and a unique platform to express their feelings and release trauma without shame

The 5 Sentiments of the Yoga Program

Classes have a strong focus on working together in group poses)

Being Proud
Together we are strong a concept that is repeated ongoing throughout the classes

Removing Shame
No laughing or teasing. A focus on celebrating each persons differences    and talents

Safe environment for discussing  Feelings
Using color cards and props to identify and express feelings & emotions such as I am happy, sad, afraid, excited.

Problem solving
Via activities such as building human towers etc.


This program has been temporarily put on hold and we aim to have this program back up and running sometime in the new year.